P7130098KINGS HILL CELLARS –  where club members craft their own fine wines assisted by pros

As a Member you will learn the best methods and techniques from our winemaking consultant to finish nature’s work. By pooling members’ efforts and sharing resources, a winemaking club is easy and affordable, yielding the best results. Members share the unique experience of making and learning about wine, personalize their finished product, while making friends and having fun in the process.

Members have the option of making red or white wine by the barrel, half barrel, or quarter barrel lot (24, 12 or 6 cases respectively), individually or jointly with up to 4 members. Members may select their grape varietal and vineyard preference (see the vineyard page). Grape growers can use their own grapes.

Membership includes the grapes, winemaking consulting and the use of the equipment for crushing, pressing and racking your wine. The cellar staff will clean all the equipment, store and monitor your wine and provide you with assistance as needed. Our standard packaging (750ml bottles, cartons and high quality corks) is included plus a custom wine label which you design with the assistance of our graphic artist (see the labels page). Your wine will be aged in our barrels in our air-conditioned cave. And finally, you will help operate a state-of-the-art bottling line to bottle your wine.

Next time you come up to the Wine Country, wouldn’t you rather be checking on your own barrels?

Please contact us to arrange for a visit to the winery. Call or email for pricing, availability and to get on our waiting list to become a member.

Sign up is on a first come, first served basis starting at the Barrel Tasting events in April.

We operate under the TTB rules for home winemakers. All wine made at Kings Hill Cellars is the property of its Members – no wine is for sale – nor are the members allowed to sell their wine.