IMG_2144KINGS HILL CELLARS – where club members use the best equipment and methods

Kings Hill Cellars provides it members with state-of-the-art winemaking equipment designed for small lot, handcrafted production. These processes have been engineered to be safe, clean and easy to use as well as gentle on the wine with minimum exposure to air.

The crush pad equipment includes a de-stemmer and crusher that produce minimum MOG (material other than grapes) as well as allowing for whole grape fermentation. We use a stainless steel basket press, which delivers the utmost in juice quality and control over the pressing cycle.

The wine processing room is the home of all the fermenters, especially sized to handle your small lot batches. Racking tanks, inert-gas racking and filtration systems as well as a fully stocked lab all work to help you produce wine of the finest quality.

The wine cave is temperature and humidity controlled for optimum aging with minimum evaporation. You control your oak level with either American or French oak staves of various toasting levels inserted in neutral oak barrels that are cryogenically cleaned.